Pablo ientile is an Argentinian artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. He started to draw when he was 6 years old and since then never stopped. He graduated in Graphic design in Trier, Germany and his studio is in Berlin. Pablo´s work features different types of characters from animals to people with a funny and whimsical approach about social behaviour. 

“My characters do things that I would love to do myself but I’m not able to ..” explains Pablo about his work.

His paintings propose an interesting version of the portrait culture, showing both sides of society, one that’s trying to sell a better and more secure version of themselves.

“When we post something online, we don´t want to show our sad side, we want to display ourselves as strong and self confident” but in reality all of us struggle with something in our lives, so the ideas of his paintings is to show both sides of the coin.

Since he started his career he collaborated with brands around the world like Li-ning, Adidas and Apple and painted walls in different countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan and many more. Since 2022 he is trying to spend less time on the computer and paint more. He is preparing some exhibitions and he is open to collaborate with galleries around the world.

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